Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Twists and Gratitude

The voice on the other end of the phone began the conversation questioning whether there was a chair close by for me to use. That can never be good. Her next statement that our babies’ mother was four months pregnant . . .with twins . . . made my heart pound, my voice accelerate, and my mind ask, “Why.” I searched for a chair.

I know little of how the next few months will unfold. The trial date may be in jeopardy. We continue to hope, to pray, to fight, and to wait.

We practically cannot take in any more children. Seven is a lot. My heart would love to wrap my arms around those little ones to protect them, but I know that is impossible. I do know that those little ones are a gift from God no matter how you look at it. He is far greater than I to take care of them.

I thought yesterday that I have not written a gratitude post in a while. I think now is a good time. God, help me to readjust my thinking, calm my heart, and remember how awesome and powerful you have shown yourself already.

I am grateful . . .

  • That God knows both the beginning and the end
  • That hugs are free
  • For a two year old who loves to sing “Jesus Loves Me”
  • For safety over many hours of driving
  • For free moments, frustrating moments, fun moments, and fearful moments for I know that God orchestrated them all before time
  • For falling snow . . . and melting snow
  • For prayer warriors all over the country
  • For a good night’s sleep
  • For teachable moments and life lessons learned every day
  • For second chances
  • For non-discriminating abundant love

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