Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forget It

Angel and I discussed real life in real time as we transported our three cherubs back home from their weekly visit with their biological mom. Sometimes the words are shadowed by cries or questions from the back seats. This day, all was quiet. The babies were worn out and ready to go home. Our conversation settled on what will happen to these little ones tomorrow, the next day, ten years from now. People and circumstances have molded their young lives. As molding often brings, there have been wounds left to heal. Would their hearts be damaged forever? Would what our little guy saw be etched into his mind indefinitely? Would there ever be a point of complete healing? These were all good questions.

At the end of ourselves and our sadly limited understanding of life, we must desperately scramble into our Heavenly Father’s lap and ask Him for He alone has the answers. When I shake my head or throw my arms up in frustration, He gently speaks to me and cups his hands on my face to say, “Listen and watch what I have already done.”

He sweetly reminded me that day that He knows all about these children. He created them. He is all about memories, yet He also knows how to forget. Thankfully, God has chosen to forget the yucky, disgusting, morbid sins in my life. He chooses to remember them no more and throw them as far as the East is from the West. Who am I to think that he cannot help these children forget their yuckiness?

Both my heart’s hurt and wishes for these little ones fall so short of God’s exuberant love and purpose for them. Thank you, Lord, for new memories. Thank you for what you have done for me and what you are going to do for my children.

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