Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Individual Responsibility

Her words poured from her heart, seemingly and unusually incessant, leaving the essence of passion in the air. I watched and listened. Her eyes welled with tears not willing to escape down her cheek, real but unwelcomed by my Angel. She spoke of our great country, individualism, and responsibility.

These are not new concepts. We have taught them for years. Yet, today, as she worked though her college history paper, these thoughts imbedded in Biblical principles solidified.

Jobs are necessary, but now she wondered why others do not know the God-given gift of work and the joy that comes with a job well-done and pride of ownership. Help is often needed in dire straits, but now she wondered why so many depend on the help of others and settle for the minimum, striving for nothing. Our country proves to be the best in the world, but now Angel wondered why so many Christians have relinquished their personal responsibility to take care of others and surrendered it to the government.

God is working in Angel’s heart. Where, when, and how that will be revealed will be exciting to watch. She asks good questions. She wonders how the church should act to make a lasting difference in our community. She wonders how a family, our family, can do more to teach what God has proven to work.

She values what God has established in our country and acknowledges that He ultimately is in control, yet she understands that man’s decisions have far reaching consequences affecting many in their wake. As of today, God is leading Angel into mechanical engineering. She wants to be able to make a difference in the real world. It may mean sitting at a desk and working diligently in an office most likely for a few years after graduation, but she sees God doing something even bigger. She wants to be an individual used by God to help others.

Her emotion was unexpected, but refreshing. Her words blessed my heart as I viewed the slide show in my memories of years of training. She is approaching her college years even more ready to solidify her ideas. I thank God that these ideas are not mine or hers per se, but they are God’s. I pray that He continues to prick her heart.

Our conversation centered on history, government, and individuals today. Tomorrow will bring different challenges, additional thoughts, and more questions. Thank you, God, that your Word is always true and applicable for today. Thank you for times to share real life with my children. Thank you for moments of grace to be reminded that you are faithful in my kids’ lives.

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