Thursday, October 27, 2011


"Let the peace of God rule in your heart." God's Word pierces through the chaos of life and the questions of uncertainty.

Baseball is not my forte. I watch because my family watches. I often hear comments about the umps and their calls, how they make the worst calls, how their strike zone is inconsistent. Yet, without these umps, the game would be chaos. Umpires hold a level of authority whether you like their calls or not.

God's peace needs to be the umpire that rules in my heart, keeping in check the two opposing voices sitting on my shoulders. Do I choose right, speak truth, worry unnecessarily, live peacefully? I need His peace to rule – no complaining, no arguing. Choosing gratitude is choosing peace. Being thankful means letting God make the calls.

I am thankful –

For God's forgiveness that makes forgiving possible

For second opinions even if it means more testing

For early Christmas presents

For a bread machine that allows me to bless my family with fresh bread

For my precious mom who reads between the lines of my emotions and comes to do my laundry

For baby smiles, toddler hugs, and big kid chats

For time to read Grace for the Good Girl

For freedom to teach with flexibility

For prayer time during midnight feedings



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