Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glimpses of Today

  • Early morning feedings
  • Late morning shower
  • Mountains of laundry moved from piles in my bedroom to piles in the laundry room to piles on the couch to most likely piles in the bedroom again
  • Three loads of dishes
  • One insane trip to the grocery store with three babies in tow
  • Pizza lunch date with my sweetie
  • Extended drive for my toddler boy in order to get him to sleep
  • Trip to the lab to drop off a “specimen” from my toddler girl
  • Deep conversations with my big girls in response to unwise decisions involving students in their classes
  • Watching my baby stare in awe as he finds his hands for the first time
  • Hanging with my family as they watch game two of the World Series
  • Sharing excitement with my Angel as she got her SAT scores back which may make her eligible for a scholarship
  • Chatted with my brother for a few minutes just to catch up Spent time on school work with the kids
  • Changed sheets on three beds
  • Climbed into bed with a good book

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