Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We are almost there

June fills with graduation activities, final exams, concert practices, art shows, and both baseball and softball play-offs. That is just for my immediate family. The I add all the doctors' visits and DYFS meetings for my babies to the calendar. At times, my head spins trying to keep each day intact. What is today? I struggle to motivate my children to finish strong. Do I finish strong what God has laid out for me? We have come to the end of another school year. June brings us to the completion of eight years of homeschooling. Wow! I never imagined that I would be schooling into high school. Yet here we are.

Our family is anticipating a little boy coming into our home any day. He is due the end of July, but his mommy thinks that he will arrive sooner. Having seven children in our home brings its own challenges and choreographed chaos. As I plan for school in the fall, I cannot help but plead to God, "Please, help!" Am I crazy? I heard it said that the crazy ones are the ones to change the world. I am both humbled and challenged by those words. What changes will my crazy life bring?

Yet here I am today. It is not fall. The baby is not here. We are almost done the school year, and I am ready for a break. What about today, though? What have I taught that will last a lifetime? Truthfully, I am not sure. I would like to think that I have been able to show truth. I challenge my children that every day and every activity is an opportunity to learn something new. Our family has learned a lot over the last nine months, and I anticipate many more moments to be schooled in life.

I look forward to summer. I enjoy the unscheduled days for the most part. Do not misunderstand, our weeks are getting full. I will still be getting up before 7:00. Our days continue to move at the speed of life. There are still piles of laundry, dirty bathrooms and kitchen floors, dishes to be washed, and beds to be made. We have soccer camp, church camp, Bible school, and a long weekend at the lake just to name a few of our activities. The babies' court date is July 8, which happens to be the same day that our family is scheduled for a re-inspection. When the new little one comes, our lives will step into high gear. As my sweet sister-in-law reminded me, I will be returning to sleepless nights. Still, I anticipate a pleasant break from book learning and look forward to relaxing with life learning.

Yet here I am. My hubby is watching the little ones. The big girls are at youth group. I have the joy of sitting at the bookstore (again) and taking in some readjustment. The fact that there is a school group in the children's section singing and playing kazoos makes me smile. I am in the café and do not have to chase anyone around.

What are you anticipating as you enter the summer months? What will you do to keep your children engaged in life learning? Are there any exciting plans for your family as you enjoy the warmer weather? I would love to hear how other moms are heading into their summer.

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Jodi said...

I enjoyed reading what you've been up to lately Sandy. I'm looking forward to whatever the Lord has planned for us next....wherever that may be!