Monday, June 13, 2011

Curiosity Journal

I was blessed by a Facebook friend who shared that my posts are encouraging and happy. I hope my words indicate truth, but many times as a mom of many, I am neither encouraging nor happy. Emotions are a fickle thing, aren't they? Often I find it difficult to write because my thoughts and emotions are spinning in different orbits. Today, I pray that my emotions reveal my words accurately.

One friend, whose writing prompted this blog, began her posts again after a short writing break. I agree with her that this theme helps in keeping grounded. So, on that note, let's start laying more groundwork.

I am reading . . .

In years past, my quiet time seemed easier to find. I worked through many Beth Moore studies, found the ability to get up early, and even taught in women's ministry. My ministry has changed having six children in my home. Now, I and am thankful for the ESV Bible app so God's Word is always with me. The book of Psalms has been my friend lately. David and the other authors pour their hearts into their poetry. God is so real to them in both the blessing and the pain. As I read, I may find myself not able to get past one verse. Then other days, I cannot stop reading. I do look forward to getting back to a more in-depth study, but for now, His morsels are feeding me.

Any suggestions for a good read this summer? I will still be working through some books for school, but I would love to get lost in another book. Now, if only I could find time to read for hours on end.

I am playing . . .

So, I asked my sweetie what I have played lately. We both blankly stared, and then he remembered that I played kick ball over Memorial Day weekend. Seriously, I have not even played a card game since then. How pitiful is that?

I am learning . . .

OK, I am drawing a blank here as well. I challenge my kids always to be learning. Why is that so challenging for me? I know I have learned that there are many things that I have left unfinished or untried. I am daily learning how to love my family better.

I am reacting . . .

This blog pricked my heart and made my head spin. This homeschool mom of four makes a priority of reading Scripture at every meal. It makes senses. God's Word is what truly satisfies. His Words are what make us grow and keep us healthy. How would that work practically in my busy home? Am I exceptional at making excuses? Does fear of failure to follow through convince me not even to start? I am practically working through this. It does not need to be a drawn out dissertation, but rather a sweet infusion of the delicacy of God's Word.

As a Christian mother, how is your home obviously different? We are all good at being good, but how can we be more purposeful in presenting God practically to our children? I would love to read your thoughts.

Feel free to join with us in writing your own curiosity journal.

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monica @ paperbridges said...

I just love reading other CJs. So interesting to see how others answer the questions. I also love how you challenge yourself here. Especially in regard to finding the motivation to change something you don't like.