Monday, March 21, 2011

My Favorite Season

No, it is not NCAA tournament play, nor is it the baseball/softball season. However, both of these fall during my favorite time of year – spring. Previous blog posts have hinted my inclination, but I thought I would just go right out and say it, again. I love spring!

Maybe it is the hyacinth that bursts overnight brightening my winter bleak yard. Maybe it is the perfectly formed trumpet flower of the daffodil that makes me smile on my way to school. Maybe, now I can open the windows and air out the mustiness of the long winter and inhale the fresh air. Maybe now, the sun will shine more brightly, longer, and warmer so that my many kids will get their itchies out in other ways than tackling each other in the family room. Maybe now I can spend more time in short sleeves and cute skirts and less time in sweats and layers.

Now, I can see the end of the school year. Now I can look forward to getting more reading done. Now I can enjoy sitting outside on the back patio smiling, watching, and enjoying my kids just that much more.

Every season brings its own blessings and hurdles. Spring's sports schedule challenges our family dinnertime tremendously, and it is always hard to keep the kids and me on track to finish the school year strong. Despite these, I always look forward to the newness and brightness of spring.

What season is your favorite? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Bryan said...

maybe it's the free water ice?