Friday, February 4, 2011

Curiosity Journal

Reading –

Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie . . . still. I like the story line, and the heroine is enjoyable. I am stumped so far in the mystery. Maybe because I can only read sporadically. I need to finish soon, so my sweetie can read it before the end of the month.

Playing –

Winter Saturdays are for indoor soccer in this family. That leaves me home with my little one and two babies for quite a bit of time. This week we pulled out the Scategories game. We never keep score, but it is fun to see what little one comes up with.

Learning –

Our family will be working on memorizing verses together. My sweetie chose them from a Navigator's list. This will challenge my already taxed memory.

For other lessons learned, see my previous post.

Reacting –

I claim to be counter-cultural. That makes me unpopular and often on the defensive. I don't apologize, though. This week I was again reminded how God's truth is under attack by the culture in which we live. A private high school in our area expelled an individual who was very open in his relationships that are against God's plan. The school is coming under criticism for taking a stand for God's truth. They are accused by some of being uncompassionate and judgmental. I am concerned for those who have allowed the messages of culture invade their hearts and minds. God's truth is not contingent on what we think is truth. Satan would like nothing more than to dupe believers into doubting what God has already stated to be true in His Word. I could go on, but for now, I will limit my reaction. My challenge – to increase my efforts to teach God's truth to my children and filter cultural influences through that truth.



monica @ paper bridges said...

what verses are you memorizing?

do you have a link for the school story? I'd like to read more about it.

Sandy said...

I don't have a link for the story. The school is where my big girls take a class.
We are working on I Timothy 6:14-16 starting tomorrow. We heard them preached at the Passion conference.

Sandy said...
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Ann Kroeker said...

Love this idea of a Curiosity Journal!