Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Curiosity Journal

A blogger friend posted this idea for the new year. I enjoy writing, but truth be told, it seems I write about the same things all the time (at least I think so). This format may challenge me to think outside my role of logistics manager in my home (ie: Mom). My significance is greatly tied to being a wife and mother. God has created and gifted me to fulfill those roles. However, at the base of those roles is an individual who is reading, playing, learning, and reacting to life as God has planned it. I hope as I take a few moments to focus on things other than doctor appointments, feeding schedules, lesson plans, and sporting events, I will again appreciate some of the things in my day that God has brought simply for me to enjoy. Today, I feel as if I accomplished nothing (Snow days are overrated.) Maybe now is a good time for me to evaluate.

What am I reading?

My sweetie is an avid reader. He sets yearly goals and usually exceeds them. I decided that I would keep track this year of what I was reading. As my children are doing whole pieces of literature for their reading units, I have read a great deal academically in the past few months. However, I did just finish an uplifting book by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, In Praise of Stay-at-home Moms. Sometimes, it just feels good to hear again why it is right to do what I have chosen to do. I also just downloaded The Love Dare (Don't tell my sweetie). Oh, and I also finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan not that long ago. My teen girls are reading it now. Wow, I guess I read more than I thought. Check in with me in a month and see if that still holds true.

What am I playing?

OK, this question is a lot harder and a tad convicting. I have not made it a priority to play lately. The other night my sweetie played Clue with my kids. The babies needed attention so I was on the floor with them. Does that count? I can throw the ball back and forth, play peek-a-boo, and make pretty good animal and fire truck sounds.

This morning it snowed. I kicked all the kids outside but my littlest one. I felt a little (very little) pull to put on my own snow gear, but the opportunity to clean up the kitchen and family room as well as take a long shower won over.

What I am learning?

That is a loaded question. God is teaching me so much. I am not so sure I am a good learner, as there seem to be repeated themes.

I never thought I would learn so much about the welfare system as I have learned over the past five months.

Today I learned with my kids what a good resting heart rate was for each of us. It was kind of goofy, and I don't even know what started the conversation. In any case, we learned how to find our pulse, and with the help of the internet, found out what was a healthy heart rate. I love teachable moments.

What am I reacting to?

We watched the Passion conference via internet in the beginning of January. I am still reacting to what I learned from God's Word.

I am reacting to the reality of children in unhealthy, unsafe, unloving homes knowing that I cannot fix it. For today, I have the privilege of loving on two children brought out of such a home, but I don't know the future for them.

I am reacting today to hormones that tend to go out of whack for no particular reason. That frustrates me.


OK. So there. That is my curiosity journal.

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