Friday, November 5, 2010

Today I . . .

Got to sleep in a few extra minutes

Attempted in vain to lessen the laundry pile

Made a chicken, feta cheese, and spinach wrap for lunch

Enjoyed sharing lunch with my sister and her family as well as my mom

Listened to cousins giggle in play

Sat with a sleepy toddler as he slowly woke from his nap

Rejoiced at the food my finicky baby chose to eat with excitement

Was disappointed that my angel lost her playoff soccer game. They had hoped to be in the championship game.

Found my desk – at least for today

Kissed my toddler and baby as they left with their social worker to visit their mom

Squeezed in some school work with my two younger ones

Baked chocolate chip cookies for my kids and hubby

Watched a Story Keeper movie with my little one

Was blessed with a huge hug and kiss from my little one

Bragged about my big girls' writing projects

Realized that I don't post nearly enough

Wished that I posted more pictures

Am thankful for my crazy, busy life


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