Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting into Gear

Summer just flies. August came way too quickly, and now I am rushing to get school in order for the fall. Normally we begin our year in the middle of August so we can finish by May. This year turned out to be different. It looks like we will be starting in September instead. Another one of the flexible features of homeschooling.

I enjoy our summers. We didn't do anything extraordinary in this one, but we were definitely busy. Soccer camp, overnight camps, camping with grandparents (see a theme here), week at the shore, painting bedrooms, finishing foster care licensing, and vacation Bible schools are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head that filled our calendar (and we are not even finished yet.) Now it is time for this homeschool mom to switch gears.

My Angel will be taking duel credit classes this year at Cedarville Academy via online courses through Cedarville University. As this is her first choice for college, it has been exciting to take that first step. Her fall semester class will be Politics and the American Culture, and the spring semester class will be Humanities. She will be challenged, but I am confident that she will rise to the challenge. As Mom, I experienced new things as I helped Angel with the application and wrote a transcript for the first time. It seems so surreal to view college on the near horizon.

For those of you homeschoolers who are interested in what other things I will be teaching, here is my working list. Sorry if I bore others of you.

11th grade: American Lit (my own curriculum using units), ABeka Language Arts, Wordly Wise, McDougal-Holt Pre-Calculus (taught by my father – YEAH!!!), Biology (taken at BRS), Theology Survey (Grudem), 1 semester of Economics (taught by my sweetie), integrated writing

8th grade: Intro to Lit (my own curriculum using units), ABeka Language Arts, Wordly Wise, McDougal-Holt Algebra I, Life Science (taken at BRS), personal Bible studies, US History 1 (taught by my sweetie), Spanish I (Rosetta Stone), integrated writing

5th grade: Unit studies for reading, ABeka Language Arts, Wordly Wise, Harcourt Math, Apples spelling, ABeka History, Harcourt Science, personal Bible study, integrated writing

1st grade: ABeka Phonics readers, ABeka Language Arts, Wordly Wise, Harcourt Math?, spelling to coordinate with reading and language, ABeka history, Harcourt Science, integrated writing, Bible memorization and learning the books of the Bible

That is the main idea at least.

Most orders have been placed, and books are on their way. Our family is still working on our summer reading so we can enjoy a Coldstone treat. I am mentally making a list for our first of many trips to Walmart and Staples for school supplies. Oh, the fun of educating at home! I wouldn't have it any other way.




Mrs. Susan Bowman said...

Every year, August 1 gets my mind churning towards the new school year. My schedule is finalized, and I've already begun my planning as well! I LOVE summer, but I really do look the start of a new year!

Brooke said...

I just got Wordly Wise and am thinking of using it as spelling for Ryan too. And I learned my lesson in taking a 6,4,2 and newborn with me to order my A Beka curriculum. Made 2 mistakes and had to mail it back today. My wheels are turning too but I don't think we'll be able to start everything until Oct with the baby still on a 3 hour schedule. College, wow!