Friday, July 30, 2010

Raccoons and Dinosaurs

I never claim to be a scientist or an environmentalist. I do, however, drop my jaw in awe at times in wonder of the God of all science who designed our environment. Take clouds for example. I have taught the names of clouds and studied with my kids the different layers of the atmosphere in which clouds are formed. I know all about the water cycle. In route to vacation destinations, I have flown through both the magnificence and disturbance of clouds. Yet what do I know really? These images that dot my sky come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Why is that? I know scientifically that they all tell a weather story, but God could have just used any one form to fulfill his purpose in creation.

Have you ever been blown away by a cloudless sky of intense blue? Do you ever wonder why out of that brilliance a single cloud forms, then another, and another until wisps of white fracture the uniformity? Call me crazy, but these clouds just amaze me.

Driving home from a lengthy day trip with my two little ones, I needed to pull out creative things to keep them from endlessly asking, "How much longer?" My 'creative' idea: what do you see in the clouds? My little one finds the most amazing images. On that day, she was not truly interested in my distraction. She, however, looked out the window, decided that there was nothing to be seen, and stated that all she could see was a raccoon being chased by two kids. Seriously? Shortly after that, she did find a dinosaur and a few other creatures. My son joined the search. At one point, the late afternoon sun hid behind a sheet of clouds only to be seen by the rays making its mark on earth in arrows of brightness. He pointed them out and noticed a golden edge surrounding the clouds. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, heaven was just behind those clouds? I know that is not reality, but I am thankful for the awe factor of God's amazing creation of clouds that draws my attention to Him.

God's Word states that Christ himself will return to earth in a cloud, the same way He went into heaven. How awesome is that? Look at your sky today. What do you see? What is God purposefully doing in your world right now? It may be clear skies or there may be a storm looming. It may be a time of silliness or awe. Whatever the case, know that He is our creator God who made those clouds in our life. Enjoy His beauty, relax in His creativity, and take comfort in his design.

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