Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Remember That Roller Coaster?

Well . . . Monday changed everything.

The little guy that was placed into another home is now in our home – along with his sister. He is 18mo and she is 9mo. So, now I have two teenagers, two school aged children, and two in diapers. Life is crazy, but good.

I cannot believe the amount of time I have spent on the phone figuring out all the meetings, doctor visits, and medical decisions made for these little ones.

I am tired, but God is making it obvious to me that our family is on a mission. He blows me away with the contacts that He has put before me. I asked God to wow me this summer and His is. We are surprised to have such young siblings, but honestly, it has been a sweet blessing to hold such a tiny one again. Her sweet smiles, his precious kisses, and arms held wide for me as "Mommy" make me breath slowly and remember God's precious love for me as his child.

My family is sleeping peacefully now. Quiet is good. Come 6:30am that will all change. Then the day will greet us as we enter Friday with a soccer car wash fundraiser and a 13th birthday party sleepover on the schedule.

Just thought you might want an update. Have a great weekend friends.


Tammie said...

i rejoice with you! i am so thankful that these little ones have a safe and loving refuge.

love and prayers. . .

Reyna said...

What a wonderful, sweet spirit you have! Truly you are a God-send to these precious little ones.
They are blessed that you have crossed their paths. His children are His most tender of creations! Keep doing the Lord's work!