Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another One of Those Roller Coaster Rides

The blinking red light caught my attention as I routinely walked past the office carrying yet another load of something upstairs. Pushing the button on the answering machine, my heart skipped a beat as the voice identified herself as a worker from the Division of Youth and Family Services. We have been waiting for a call for over a month, and were quite surprised that things were taking a long as they were. Many factors played into the delay, none of which was in our control. Maybe this day would be different.

We received notice that a little 18 month old needed a family to love him. His sad circumstance tugged at my heart, and we gladly responded affirmatively to welcome this little guy into our home. We didn't know for how long, but that didn't matter. We were ready for God to use us. My kids were excited. My husband and I were excited. My mind went into high gear thinking of what I needed to do to get ready for a little one in my house that evening.

"I'm sorry, but we have placed him in another home." What?? My heart sank. It made no sense. DYFS had asked us to take this child and was waiting for our response, which was quick. If they had another home for him, why did they ask us? Talk about a letdown. Seriously, I have no idea what God is doing sometimes.

God again gently poured his peace calming my anxious heart. He reminded me that His plans will never be thwarted – not even a disorganized office. God did not choose to have this little guy in our home.

I choose to enjoy what God has already given me and look forward to how He is going to use us in other families. I now have the name of another little one to lift up in prayer.

How about you? How has God held you through some of the roller coasters in your life?

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Jodi said...

Prayed for you, and for the little one. What a roller coaster for all of you! Hope you're hanging in there!