Monday, June 28, 2010

Have Books Will Travel

I don't know about you, but I struggle with getting my little man to read. Not that he can't read. He can. He's good at it actually. Yet, for some boyish reason, getting him to sit and read and finish a book is challenging. My sweetie and I read quite a bit. Our bookshelves overflow with books of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Our family's summer reading goal is posted prominently in our kitchen. If we finish our goal, we get to enjoy ice cream at Coldstone. Yet with all this, my little man finds most anything to do BUT read. This morning, he and I had one of those impromptu conversations, he sitting on the floor and I propped against the wall sitting on the steps. I posed the question, "What is a really cool place for you to read?" My question caught him off guard and started an interesting thought process. We bantered back and forth, throwing out a few really neat places to read. I impulsively got up, went down stairs, and found some scrap paper. He found the pen. We started writing down the different places that we had thought of: under the dining room table, in the van, on the couch, in the living room corner on the pillows, in the bathroom (he thought that was funny). I folded up each paper as he sought out a hat to put them in. I could tell he was really getting into this. This just might work. He reached in and pulled out his first location, grabbed his book, and dove onto the couch. He pulled up a blanket and jumped into his book. Once that chapter was done, he chose another book destination and headed for the van. In no time, he had two chapters read. Who knows how long this will last. It caught his and his sister's attention. I would love them to love to read. Unfortunately, I can't make them. I can, however, use those precious, impulsive ideas to make reading just a little bit more fun.

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Teresa Dawn said...

Great idea :) When I was young they had trouble getting me to STOP reading. I remember being lectured a few times about reading on the mile walk home from school instead of looking where I was going.