Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fish Story

Mom, we caught over one-hundred fish! The fish were biting even without bait. Can you believe that?

These and other exclamations rang from my little ones as they finished their camping week with their grandparents. They loved every minute of their time together and were blessed even with fish.

I read in John 21 this morning of another fish story. After Christ died, the disciples returned to what they knew best, fishing. Yet even in their expertise, they caught nothing. Now, I have learned from experience that fishing without catching anything is no fun and not very rewarding. Oh yes, some may say that the quiet and peacefulness of the day is enough, but truthfully, when you go fishing, the best part is catching the fish. These men were not going out just for the fun of it. Seriously, it was the middle of the night. They were adamant about catching fish, but they caught nothing. Then out of nowhere, this man calls from the shore, "Have you caught anything?" How discouraging to answer that they had nothing. This man then gives a strange suggestion to put their net on the other side of the boat. What? These men fished for a living. They knew what to do. The fish were just not biting (actually lured into the net). Yet, they did what this stranger said. Wow, the response was not just a few fish to satisfy the drought, but a net so full they could not haul it in. THEN they realized who it was.

Impulsive Peter jumps in the water and swims to shore. Forget the fish. There on the shore, he finds his Savior cooking fish. Breakfast was ready for these weary fishermen. Christ then points them back to the fish they just caught. Peter, the guy who swam to shore, jumps back into the boat and drags the net to shore. Scripture details these fish as 153 LARGE fish. Really people, these weren't the four inch sunnies joyfully caught by little precious children in fun. These were large fish. This was a lot of fish. This was not just for breakfast; this was their livelihood.

We had fun with this story this morning. Hockey sticks became a boat. A blue pillow was transformed into the ocean. Stuffed animals turned into fish. My little one was Peter and my little man was John. I read the story again to them and God's Word became more deeply embedded in their hearts. They saw a closer glimpse of the miracle of 153 LARGE fish.

God cared so deeply for his disciples. He provided encouragement when the fish weren't biting. He prepared a meal when their bellies were grumbling. He proved to them that everything was going to be OK when their hearts were doubting the truth.

My children love to fish. They may never catch the big one. They may never again see the number of fish that they caught this past week. I pray that they will know that God will provide just what they need when they need it. I want them to see God show them the LARGE fish in their lives.

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