Monday, May 10, 2010


holy experience

School is done for the day.

There is no rush for dinner.

I am going to catch a few minutes to sit and think past the craziness of a Monday.


I will choose to be thankful. . .

  • For God's Word that helps me to steer my children to live a life following Him.
  • For the obnoxious alarm that woke me up this morning to spend a few moments with my Father before I met the day.
  • For a loving, caring husband who is spending the day with his mom in the hospital waiting room while his dad has hip replacement surgery.
  • For blue skies, bright sunshine, and billowing clouds.
  • For flowers tenderly given by my princess and little one.
  • For the anticipation of getting my hair done soon.
  • For dirty nails, muddy shoes, and stained jeans that remind me that at least the outside of my house is cleaned up.
  • For music that soothes, encourages, challenges, and blesses.
  • For words that swim in my mind that somehow get to paper or screen.
  • For time to actually talk with my husband about things that don't necessarily involve children.
  • For moments of prayer with my kids this morning.
  • For the pleasure of listening to my little one read.
  • For the enjoyment of reading to my little one.


mom2six said...

Beautiful list. Thanks for your comment today.

Trish said...

Thank you for stopping by at my place. Welcome to the community.

I love your list. Thank you for sharing it with us.