Monday, May 3, 2010


holy experience

I am looking for the little things. God sends them each day. How often I miss them.


  • Red pens
  • Candy hearts
  • Puzzles
  • Earl Grey tea in a fancy teacup
  • Earl Grey tea in a venti sized paper cup
  • Curved, tree-lined, river roads
  • Wooden bridges
  • Chocolate ice cream on a hot day
  • Central air conditioning
  • Answer keys


He & Me + 3 said...

I love curved, tree-lined, river roads. Just such a beautiful ride.

Alida said...

mmmm central air conditioning! I would love to have that again :-)

Anonymous said...

Ice almost any flavor!! thanks for sharing your list.

Jodi said...

Early Grey tea, yum! Ice cream too! And of course, every teacher needs her red pen! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

mom2six said...

Yes, as a homeschool mom, love the answer keys!