Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Beauty

Join in the blessing as you read others thankful hearts regarding beauty especially in God's creation.

Ecclesiastes 3:11a He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, "Your God reigns."

Thankful Thursday friends challenged me to share what I see beautiful in creation. The obvious came to mind: the birth of my children, a child's smile, a sunny day with blue skies and no clouds, my daughter's artwork, and a clean house (LOL). My heart was prompted, though, to what God's Word states as beautiful.

You will see that God makes all things beautiful. What I think is beautiful is not always beautiful to someone else. My thoughts directly relate to what is going on around me. God uses ugly things in my life to make me more beautiful to him.

I found the Isaiah passage both heart-probing and humorous. God finds feet beautiful. How cool is that?! The feet on my body will not be used as any models, that is certain. However, that passage states that in God's eyes they are beautiful. If . . . I share the good news, peace, happiness, salvation, and God's hope. That's a big shoe to fill, pun intended.

Beauty is defined in the eyes of the beholder. How awesome that God thinks that we are beautiful, even the parts that we think are ugly. I stated that the birth of my children is beautiful. Others may think that is quite the opposite. As a mom, though, I can look past the moment and see what God can do in the life of this new little child. I guess, in a way, that is how God looks at us. At salvation, we are birthed into his family. Sometimes it is not very pretty. God has to work at cleaning us up a bit afterward, yet he sees what He can do with us. He sees the beauty that He will make with our new lives.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself today, to look past the obvious to what God sees as beautiful.

You are beautiful, friend.


LAURIE said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart and your inner beauty as you shared Gods Word with us today. -Blessings, Laurie

Denise said...

I enjoyed this, bless you.

Sherry said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful post! There is so much around us that we don't take time to appreciate for the beauty of God's creation from the gray hairs on my head to the toes of my feet. :D

He And Me + 3 said...

Great post! I totlly agree. I want to see things though His eyes