Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Sands of Time

My sweetie knew how much my little one enjoys the sandbox so he spent precious time cleaning it out this weekend. I am so thankful, as that is not really a job I would choose. I am blessed with a husband who cares about the little things that bring joy to our family. As a result, my little one spent hours this weekend playing in her own world of sand.

The sands of time seem to have sped up. Wasn't she just a newborn? Yet, now we anticipate kindergarten in the fall. Watching the sand go through her fingers, observing her imagine her own world, and enjoying the smiles that these produce makes me thankful.

The beautiful weather of the weekend provided another opportunity for us to be outside as a family playing, talking, and just being together. These days will go quickly. Thank God for the little blessings of sandboxes.


He And Me + 3 said...

How sweet she is. What is it about sand? All kids just love it. So fun.

Jodi said...

She is beautiful! She looks so much like you, and I didn't realize it until you posted these pics of her.

I'm having a hard time watching my youngest get bigger and bigger too. She just finished 1st grade this year, and is heading to 2nd in the fall(still at home, of course!). But, it's hard to believe how fast they grow, especially the baby of the family.