Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a Few Things That Made Me Smile Today

I thank God for creative minds. Things can get a little crazy in our home, and today was no exception. However, I must say that the kids had a blast together after their schoolwork was done. Somehow, they got it in their minds to make costumes – one was a lamp, and one was a washing machine. I give them kudos for working together and making their own fun.

When my hubby got home with our oldest from softball, we loaded up the van and went to Chick-fi-la for dinner. Yeah for Mom – I didn't have to cook. We enjoy eating there on fundraiser nights, as we know so many people who also go. Mind you, it is not cheap to feed a family of six, one of whom is a teenager. Non-the-less we enjoy the fellowship.

I had to take a picture of the girls. My little one received a gift card for her birthday (thank you Aunt Linda) ,and she chose to spend it on a milkshake – a chocolate one with whipped cream and cherry on top. These milkshakes are not meant for little ones, so she offered to share with her sisters and they of course jumped at the chance. If you can look past the germ sharing, you will see pleasant smiles and sweet sisters.


He And Me + 3 said...

Cute...I love it when my kids get creative and use their imaginations to play. I love the washing machine and the lamp.

Jodi said...

I love their smiles! Good for them for getting creative. I love it when my kids do that!

Kayte said...

What a wonderful time!

from thl