Monday, January 19, 2009


Tomorrow marks a particularly historical day. Whether or not you agree with our President's philosophies, God has chosen him on purpose to lead our country at this time in history.

I sat down to type up a lesson plan for the day to guide my children in the thought process of this occasion. I was wowed again at the blessed country I live in that has moved through very tenuous and violent racial times to a place where we are today.

I want my children to thank God for the smooth transition of leadership we enjoy. I want them to appreciate the powerful role our country holds in this world and respect the man who holds that power. I want them to acknowledge God who has the ultimate authority to place whom He wants in power throughout the world.

I am challenged to pray for President Obama and his family as they carry a burden of responsibility that none other holds.

God, give me a greater understanding of your sovereignty. Increase my appreciation for the many blessings you have given me in this great country. Give me an attitude of prayer for the leaders you have placed over my life. Thank you that your plan is not dictated by man.

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