Saturday, November 29, 2008

Visiting Nana

My Nana has led a full life for 92 years. She survived the Depression. She has weathered life's ups and downs as a wife, mother, sister, and friend. As a young lady, Nana shared her musical talents in churches and revivals along with her husband and sister. Over the years, she has shared her home with many family and friends always with a cup of coffee.

Today I had a bittersweet visit with Nana. She is getting ready to meet Jesus, her Savior. She sleeps in the living room now. I held her hand and talked to her even though she could not respond. I brushed her smooth skin and pushed her thin hair back. I read her a precious card that one of my princesses made for her. She will not get well on this earth. Jesus is getting ready to take her home and make her whole again with no more pain.

Pop-pop has to watch and wait. Nana and Pop-pop have been together over 60 years. I can't really imagine what it would be like to lose your honey, not matter how temporarily it may be. Honey – that's what he calls her. He flirts with her all the time. They love each other while they drive each other crazy. I am blessed to have a heritage of love and commitment in marriage – something almost unheard of today.

I helped my mom take care of Nana today. Will I have to take care of my mom one day? I hope I remember the gentleness and care that my mom showed her mom. It is hard to see someone you love be so helpless.

My heart hurts a little tonight. I don't know if I will see Nana again this side of heaven. Sweet dreams, Nana. I love you.


He And Me + 3 said...

Nana sounds like a beautiful lady. Your post made me cry it was so sweet. What a blessing to know that one day she will be living forever with Jesus.

Mrs. Susan Bowman said...

A grandmother is one of God's greatest blessing! Mine was "Granny"; her faith and prayers are what drew me to Jesus. I know how it hurt to lose my prayer warrior, but I also know the peace and joy of realizing she is dancing with the Lord now & no longer suffering.

I am praying for you!