Thursday, November 27, 2008


We enjoy breakfast at the same restaurant in Philadelphia each Thanksgiving morning. We even have the same waitress. Traditions can be a great thing. Sameness gives comfort. Routine provides a level of security. I don't like to step out of that precious comfort zone.

I did, however, try to be creative in my menu this year, but faced a revolt if the traditional veggies were not served.

My little one in my family brings enough variation to my day to mix things up. I love her imagination, her smile, her questions, and her unpredictability.

Philadelphia puts on a decent parade which we enjoyed as a family – another one of those traditions. My little one thoroughly enjoyed herself and kept us abreast of what was coming next. Her smiles were contagious.

I enjoy traditions. My traditional dinner smells inviting. The guys are watching the traditional football on TV. The traditional naps are coming, I am sure.

God is breaking tradition in our home, though. He has brought another teen aged girl into our home for the school year, and she and her mom are joining us for dinner. They are from Korea and conversation can be a challenge. I am thankful for being able to step out of our routine and am looking forward to what this break will teach my family and me.

So, I am a tradition lover. I like routine. Give me a schedule any day. I love my Palm Pilot. However, I am thankful for a sovereign, faithful God who can safely take me out of my comfort zone and do amazing things to surprise me with the out of the ordinary.


Green Acres said...

Your page looks great! Glad to hear you are enjoying your Thanksgiving. I loved seeing the pictures. I haven't seen the city in sooo long. I bet the parade was alot of fun. I love routine and tradition too. I think that's why moving to a place so different has had such a huge effect on me! LOL You and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving. We're relaxing now, all done eating!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love our traditions too. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. I sure wish we would brave the parade. Sounds fun!