Friday, September 12, 2008


Have you ever heard of Vocal Cord Dysfunction? I had not until this past Wed. Evidentally it is becoming more prominent in young females and is often misdiagnosed. My oldest daughter has been struggling significantly this summer with asthma symptoms. We were at our wits end. Her soccer play was restricted and she was in pain after taking her inhalers. We visited a pulmonologist at St. Christopher's in Philadelphia to see if we could get any answers and were surprised at the diagnosis. Honestly, though, everything that I have since been reading makes sense. We have been praying that God would give direction and guidance in treating her. I was not thrilled about all the meds that she was taking. Not that meds are wrong in themselves, but they weren't effective. I hated puting stuff into her that wasn't working. Thankfully the treatment plan does not include meds, but teaches relaxation and breathing techniques to retrain the vocal cords. Kinda weird until I think back to my high school days when I lost my voice completely for weeks at a time due to vocal cord paralysis. Who would have thought that would come up again in my family? My daughter is not thrilled with the diagnosis. Honestly, it is much easier to take a pill or an inhaler. God is good. He is our creator. Nothing gets by him and he cares about all the details in our lives - even our breathing. I am thinking that it should be very interesting to watch how this thing plays out.

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lioness321 said...

My son was diagnosed with VCD about a year and a half ago. It takes a while to learn the breathing and relaxation techniques, but once they are mastered, I think your daughter will be very relieved. It is scary not having a magical inhaler to fix everything, but once you get the breathing techniques to work, the VCD can be quite easy to control. It does not interfere with my son's soccer at all anymore!! Best of luck to your daughter!

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