Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Bible Study

I am very thankful that at our church we have a strong ladies' ministry. God has chosen to take me out of leadership in that ministry, but I am looking forward to attending the study with the other ladies. Kay Arthur's In and Out study of Philippians is the choice for this fall.
At Cedarville, I had the privilege of taking an inductive Bible study course which has drastically changed how I study the Bible. This study will also be an inductive study only not as in depth. As I have posted before, the book of Philippians is an awesome book to study. My challenge will be to take the appropriate time needed each day to dig into the Word. Easier said than done for a homeschooling mom of 4. Yet, I am convinced that time in His Word is
proportional to my spiritual growth.

I can be satisfied with the status quo or I can dive in and be challenged to do something to draw closer to my God. I need boldness. I need courage. I need to be willing to "step out of the boat" as my husband referred to this afternoon.
Philippians referrs to joy in circumstances. Honestly, my circumstances leave nothing for me to complain about. I am extremely blessed. Things in my comfortable world, though, are changing quickly: new job positions, financial challenges, college in a few years (that freaks me out a little). I want Christ's submissive mind. I want the security that comes only when I lay it all out before God and leave it there. I want a servant's heart that will change my focus when people are making it hard to realize joy in my life.
I pray that God will change me. I don't want to be the same after this study.

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