Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Future Chef?

I had to laugh. My little guy found a recipe for an easy apple crisp in a magazine that he enjoys. As we were doing our routine shopping (with three kids in tow), he was diligent in making sure we had all the ingredients. I would love to be a more free-spirited mom who lets her child explore his world in his own time - but I am so not that mom. I love to see my kids learn and challenge themselves so I will brag on my son for that. However, we did not get home from shopping until after 3:00, needed to put all the food away and prepare dinner for my family and get myself ready to meet a friend for dinner. This really was not the most opportune time to do this. He did, though, put it all together himself. I caught him heading outside to be with his sister after he put the dessert into the oven. Who would watch for it to be done? I guess he hadn't thought of that. Needless to say, he went out with timer in hand and came in every 10 minutes. When I returned later that night I enjoyed the fruit of his labor and have to say that it was very good. He was very proud of himself as he should be. Being comfortable in the kitchen and following a recipe is a great skill. Maybe next time it will fit into my schedule a little neater. Who am I kidding? Life doesn't work that way with a family of six. I am thankful for my little guy and his boldness to try something new. Keep it up buddy!

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