Thursday, September 4, 2008


What? Am I really doing this? First a blog. Now a facebook page. Is this mid-life crisis? I have to laugh. Honestly, though, it can be an addiction. I can see how one can spend hours on-line. Many of the applications can be a true waste of time. Of course, an occasional game of challenge sudoko can't hurt, can it?

I am reminded of the verse from Ephesians that I commented on earlier: make the most of every opportunity. I need that in front of my face all the time. It is very easy to sit and work on my computer. It is not all bad: pictures, school work, e-mail. I need to make sure that doesn't take the place of getting down and dirty with my kids, reading books to my little one, listening to my children tell the same story again and again. I am so blessed. I pray that I don't squander that blessing. Technology is wonderful, useful, and many times fun. God give me balance.

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Laura said...

It is the famous word in the schroll house! BALANCE -Laura