Friday, November 11, 2016

A Momma's Thoughts After a National Election

What a week this has been. 
The daily conflict in my home is minuscule compared to the national conflict viewed after Tuesday’s US elections.
My choice for President did not indicate my acceptance of arrogance, meanness, and chauvinism.  It did, however, indicate a conservative choice for smaller government and individual freedom.  I did not choose my pastor on Tuesday.  I chose a political world leader.  There was not a perfect option.  In fact, it was a distasteful option at best. 
Had the opposite side won, I would feel as I have for the last eight years: a bit unsettled, but not defeated.  I cringe at the response of many who have protested, hurt others both physically and verbally, and disrespected the multitude of those who opposed their decision.  Yes, America allows the privilege to express our views freely.  We have the opportunity that other countries do not have to watch a transition of power that goes rather smoothly.  Yet, it seems absurd to watch so many feel as if they have lost all hope.  I have to ask, “In whom have they put their hope?”
The role of President is one to be respected.  He or she may wield much power, but the power is limited.  The real change for America will not come from Washington, but it will come from a changed heart.  As hearts change, lives change and countries change.
I may not hold a political office, but my power as a praying mom of many weighs much more heavily in the grand scheme of life.  I am so thankful that the God whom I trust knows all and is in charge of all.  My job is to teach my kids to respect whom God has placed in power, whoever that may be.  I need to teach my children to follow the rules and use the Bible as their ultimate authority.  I need to teach them the privileges of being a citizen and how to use those privileges properly.  I need to show my kids how to live a God-honoring life now understanding their future is in heaven. 
The next President has a huge job.  I pray that as he assemble his Cabinet that he chooses to surround himself with those who are wise.  It is not a Republican or Democratic choice.  It is a wise choice. 
The conflict will subside.  People will get back to work.  Social media will settle down.  Decisions both good and bad will be made.   Life goes on.  Will I regret my decision?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  In the meantime,   I can pray because I have direct contact with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

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