Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Mid –July sneaked up quickly. My calendar remains full of both busy days and lazy days, but before long September will be here.  Somehow, all the planning and prepping for school manages to be finished in time.  Hopefully, I don’t hyperventilate or lose my mind in the process.  So before I have a panic attack, I thought I would take the time to remember what God has chosen to bless me with recently. Here goes.

I am thankful for - - -

Unprompted “thank you’s” from grateful learning kids
A clear MRI scan for Aly
Helpful nurses and doctors who help me navigate my concerns
Bandaids for the MANY boo-boos my littles manage to acquire
Iced coffee to satisfy my addiction
Warm Jersey Shore ocean water that can keep my kids busy for hours
2100 miles ridden in 8 days safely with 6 kids
2100 miles ridden in 8 days sanely with 6 kids
Bryan’s flexible work hours which enable him to take a vacation
Open conversations with my children about marriage, jobs, and racism
Steak dinner out with my dad and no kids
Swim time with Miss Marti and my mom
Black and white tv shows on Netflix which help us to avoid commercials and other junk
A coming week with Laura home before she goes back to college
Opportunities to disciple my children when life can go a bit haywire
Answers to prayer shared with many friends
Godly men and women who are intentional with my children
Dancing close to Bryan while country music plays and our littles grab on to our legs
Supportive and helpful parents who don't hesitate to assist at the last minute
The motivation and strength to take on another day

I have a lot to do.  My kids make it hard to accomplish much.  Thank you, Lord, that you are there in my crazy life.  Help me to be grateful for each day, for each opportunity.  Help me to know what is important and what is not. Please guide me to the right answers.  Thank you for summer.

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