Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day

Weather forecasters promised a big storm.  (Big being relative in the Philadelphia area.)  Activities for the weekend were canceled, and that was perfectly fine with me.  The snow began its flurry around dinner on Friday and did not  subside until late into Saturday night.  We were welcomed Sunday morning with a approximately 16 inches in our backyard.
Friends living farther north would laugh at our region’s fluster in flurries.  This first snow storm of the season though was a welcome break to our calendar.  My littles were out of their minds crazy, not that that was anything too outside the norm.  They woke both Saturday and Sunday before 6:00am. Thank the Lord for Bryan, who gets up to make sure they do not destroy anything.
Throughout the weekend we stayed up late, played games, and watched movies.  We enjoyed hot breakfasts, slow-cooked dinners, and more games.  The kids played for hours in the snow and even did some sledding in the area.  I stayed cozy warm in the house and was responsible for all the laundry that incurs from six kids playing in the snow.  We drank hot cocoa, a lot of tea, and some coffee.  Yes, it got loud in the house.  Yes, it will be hard to get back to school tomorrow.  Yes, I needed a forced laid back weekend.
I am thankful for the storm.

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