Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gratitude Adjustment

It is well past time for a new perspective.  I choose to be thankful.

  • Discount food stores are located close to our home.
  • Melatonin calms the bodies of my little ones.
  • Coffee creamers come in yummy flavors.
  • Baptist Regional School works well with homeschooling families and is well acquainted with foster families.
  • My husband takes time to run.
  • In the midst of craziness, I found myself laughing with my littles outside today.  It felt good.
  • The varsity soccer coach is instilling good nutrition and exercise habits into Matthew.
  • August weather has been unusually cool and exceptionally beautiful.
  • Frozen pie shells I bought for a mere $.25 will make it even easier to put together an apple pie.  Even easier when I can pull from the freezer the bag of apples that my kids have already prepped and seasoned.  
  • We squeezed in time with friends after soccer and enjoyed fellowship around the fire pit.  
  • Lesson plans are done for a few weeks.
  • My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage as they cruise and sightsee Europe.
  • Extra work comes in to the law office just when we need it.
  • Our bus waited to need repairs until my parents were out of town, so we could use their van.
  • Sometimes my little ones listen.
  • Laura was able to be a part of Getting Started at Cedarville University this fall.
  • God is speaking to all my kids.
  • God is good.

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