Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Conversation at the Kitchen Table

He shook his head as he walked dejected into the kitchen.  Bryan's face showed a worn heart as he told me the bus was not working.  This was the only vehicle capable of taking all of our family at once.  Our car had been left for dead in Ohio.  Being down to one car would be more than just a challenge.  We quickly regrouped and rushed three of the kids into the minivan for the first of two trips to church.  We would have to adjust with the uncertainty of the bus.  
I was left at the house to wait for the second trip.  I sat at the kitchen table and God thought that this was a good time to have one of those little chats.  One could construe the conversation as more of an argument on my part.  I really did not understand how this was all going to work.  Didn't God realize how big our family is?  Didn't he know how much was scheduled on a daily basis?  Didn't he know how much money was going to be shelled out in the next few weeks?  More car troubles were definitely not in my plan.
He listened.  He waited.  He spoke in that quiet voice that penetrates to your soul and stirs your heart. He knows all that is happening daily, because He orchestrates it.  He understands the needs of a large family, because he designed it.  He cares about the finances, because he owns it all.  
When our car broke down in Ohio, we were frustrated and discouraged.  Yet, God gave us grace in the middle of it all.  I chuckled at the irony of going from three vehicles to two as we only had two drivers at home anyway.  We got by just fine.  More money was spent on gas due to a gas guzzling machine, but everyone got to where they needed to be.  We could wait to replace the car.  The annoyance was simply that.  It was in a sense easy to still smile and praise God.  It was easy to see His protection and provision.  But now?
God pricked my heart and asked, "Will you still praise and thank me even if you have only one car?"  
Oh my!  That is not a question that I wanted to answer.  In the grand scheme of things, bellyaching about the number of cars one owns is close to a sin.  We are abundantaly blessed in innumerable ways.  How did I have the audacity to compain? 
So here I sit in the back yard on a sunny day listening to my littles play.  Bryan is getting a much needed nap, and Alyson is enjoying some time writing.  The others are just chilling.  Would I have rather taken a day trip to the beach?  Yes.  That will have to wait for another day.  
Thank you, Lord, that I can trust you with the inconveniences and uncertainties that each day brings.  

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Marian Shaw said...

Car breakdowns can really wreck one's nerves and weaken one's resolve. I'm glad that you resorted to a higher power, as well as in your own good nature. It seems everything has been settled now, too. I hope that things will do well for you from this point on. All the best!

Marian Shaw @ GT Technical Consultants