Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stretching Faith

UPDATE:  Here is a link to my daughter's blog which will explain what they have on their hearts.
A Cow for Christmas

My bigger kids are planning one of those “Do Hard Things” projects that landed on their hearts so deliberately that their choice is only to act.  I will let you know more as the details unfold.  Suffice it to say, for now, I am a proud momma.  Proud of my kids, but prouder yet to have a heavenly father who uses kids to do his work. 
Intentional parenting is not just a buzz word, a trend, or simply a good idea.  Parenting on purpose is a daily pursuit to invest in your child.  It means not only identifying and strengthening your child’s unique, God-given abilities or setting them on the right “moral” course, but also building character and a faith in God that will work itself out in many beautiful ways. 
We have made more mistakes as parents than I would care to admit.  Many just today.  I mess up.  Yet, God, in His mercy, allows for new days.  From the time our children were young, we have worked to instill a faith in God that will change our kids’ lives.  That said, change is not always easy, nor is it comfortable.  In the end, though, change is necessary and often brings amazing results. 
Alyson and Matthew each bring their own gifts to the table.  I am the one blessed to see their faith in God grow.  As they have matured, their faith has been stretched and practiced.  Soon I will post how you can be a part of their newest endeavor and challenge your faith to grow as well.

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