Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking Up

"This same Jesus, whom you saw go into heaven will come again the same way. "  Acts 1:11 (paraphrase mine)
I wonder what the disciples were thinking.  How long did they stare?  Did the sky, from that moment on, catch them gazing, wondering?  Did they now see the heavens differently?  
The sky captures my attention and imagination often.  Even my littlest one daily scans the skies for airplanes and helicopters.  Birds soar and make us watch their seemingly effortless ride.  
Clouds can either give an omen of impending storms or brighten a gloomy mood.  Their shapes and sizes vary and change constantly.  Even their evening colors of purple, pink, and gray can require a second look.  
We saw rainbows the other day.  It had not even been raining.  Yet, the moisture in the clouds caught the sunlight perfectly to bend enough to show off the brilliance of color in the sky.  
At night the view changes again as the stars penetrate the darkness and the moon in all its phases lights the way reflecting yet another giant in the sky.  
I have never studied astronomy.  Science is certainly not my academic strong suit. But, there is something fascinating about God's heavens.  
In that wonder, Christ will show up again in all his glory.  As my days prove long, rushed, tedious, and often frustrating, I need to look to the sky.  On one of those clouds, my Saviour will come.  
He is amazing like that.  
In the meantime, I get to enjoy the heavens declaring his Glory. 

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