Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Whom it May Concern

Thank you so much for your continued prayers thrown to Jesus on behalf of my family.  My toddler pulls out both the great and the horrible in my momminess.  This week was rough, but maybe you already knew that.  Last night, he chose to stay up until close to 10:00.  Now, mind you, I am not up much past that.  To add to the anomaly, his little feet made it out his bed and into his brother’s by 6:00am.  He was disagreeable.  Nothing made him happy.  Therefore, this mama was none too happy either. 
Starting the day with tears, outbursts, and anger (his, not mine :) was unpleasant.  By 6:15, I had already written the day off as one that would be centered on containment and appeasement.  Not my idea of a profitable day.
Yet, to my pleasant surprise, my little guy chose to play downstairs by himself.  He settled on a movie.  As his little body sat for more than five minutes, he calmed down and fell asleep . . . for two hours.  I cannot remember the last time he did that.  We were able to accomplish much in our homeschool classroom without the crazy distractions of an exhausted little one. 
All that to say thank you, again.  I count on the pleas and petitions of friends and family. 
I wish the rest of the day went as smoothly, but sadly my preschooler had a less than stellar day at school to say the least.  But, we will not go there.  Not now. 
On behalf of my kids and my husband I ask you to keep praying. 
God is listening and answering even in little ways. 
With a grateful heart,
A Mom

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