Saturday, June 15, 2013

What does it take to be a Daddy?

He not only fathers, he parents.  He is a daddy.  His arms wrap kids in bear hugs and carry sleepy kids to bed.  His strong hands teach the art of throwing a baseball and swinging a bat. His smile encourages the forlorn child.  His voice both encourages and redirects. 
Despite the fact of being self-employed, he comes home early to be at his boys’ ball games and transport his girls to art class.  If it were the other way around, that would be okay with him.  He talks about last night’s Cardinal’s game with one child, and shares writing challenges with another. 
As a father he not only teaches, but he also learns.  He reads many books himself, but he also read a book aloud that he authored.  He talks at the dinner table as if life matters – and not just to him.  He cares.
He is not a perfect father.  He makes mistakes.  He gets tired.  He feels worry.  He has to say no. 
When I married this man, he was not yet a father.  I had no idea how being a parent would change us both – for the good.  Daily, I watch my husband be a daddy not only to children that he has fathered, but also to other children whom God has placed in our home.  
Being a Christian daddy in a world that wants nothing of Christ pushes a man to limits that challenge.  He works hard to teach that work is hard and that is okay.  He shows that it is good to love.  He proves that faithfulness is imperative.  He practices that life can be fun.  He reminds his kids that being Godly in an ungodly world may be tough, but that is how to live. 
I can better fulfill my role as mom because God has blessed me with a husband who takes his role as a dad seriously. 

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