Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I painted her nails and braided her hair simply because I made the time.  Crowded moments soar incessantly.  Catching one, let alone enough of those elusive moments, to accomplish something out of the box of necessity makes my mind spin.   How absurd and silly is it that a mom, that I, cannot make time for these moments.  The necessities of life have been redefined and it makes me sad. 
I will gladly give up an immaculate home (I already have).  I will be happy to serve simple meals that are quick and healthy (usually).  I will be resigned to the fact that laundry will never be done and bathrooms will always need to be cleaned and dishes will continue to pile.  Yet, pink painted fingernails that have been chewed oh so slightly and baby soft hair tied in two braids are what should define a successful day. 
The journey I am on with my family is one that requires many meetings and appointments.  However, all of our children need us as parents.  It becomes too easy to grease the squeakiest wheel and leave the whispering one to glide along herself.  Being an intentional mom means just that – being intentional.   I am too easily directed by my Google calendar and often miss life happening at the moment.  Life that shows up in the color pink. 
Lord, please help me to see the moments that you freeze for me to catch life before it flies away.  Help me to see pink fingernails and braids just as important as the rest of my crazy life. 

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