Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Night Out

The lights dimmed, the music began, setting the stage for a fun night.  Our family had been looking forward to this night for months.  Now here we were: my sweetie and I along with our four big kids.  The evening began with the pleasant voice and powerful words of Lindsay McCaul.  We had never heard her music before last night, but we now have her latest CD.  We joked that she must be a Baptist because she never moved her feet as she sang and played her acoustic guitar.
 Next up was Royal Tailor.  Now, put these guys in a room of teens and their ministry would be powerful.  I am not a fan of rap or dance moves, but none of what they did was offensive to me.  In fact, their clear lyrics and spoken message was right on the mark of the truth of God’s Word.  As we anticipate having two bi-racial children in our home, this is a group I would definitely consider.
 Matthew West took the stage next.  We have enjoyed his music for awhile.  I appreciate how he puts the stories of life to music and surrounds it all in the tempo of God’s Words.  Life is hard, but there is no denying God’s work in it.  Matthew West knows how to laugh.  His creativity is spontaneous.  More than that, though, his love for an intimate God permeates his music.
Then the feature presentation – Casting Crowns.  As they began with their song “Courageous”, I knew we were in for a treat.  My son, who sat on the end next to my sweetie, sang with his heart as the song’s message permeated the stadium.  We had already been blessed with the opening singers, but the blessing continued throughout the evening. 
I was reminded that the music may change you for the day, but the Word of God will change you for life.  How refreshing to hear that in a culture of show, ego-centrism, and performance.  We enjoyed the music and were moved by clever lyrics, but it would be God’s Word that would stick. 
At one point in the concert, my little one leaned over and sweetly thanked me for bringing her.  Later in the evening, I offered my shoulder for her weary head to rest.  Despite the intensity of the music, she allowed her eyes to close.  I smiled knowing that my little one, full of praise for Jesus, smiles of a happy heart, and claps of joy, rested on my arm in peace. 
I sat there a blessed mom surrounded by my children and husband, all of us singing praises to our real God.   Many moms do not get that blessing. 
Music provokes emotions and ideas, and it can challenge the heart to move us.  We laughed at corny jokes, lifted hands in praise of a risen Lord, nodded in agreement to the truth of who God is, and quietly sat in contemplation of what was to be next in response to truth. 
We chose this concert as a family night to show our appreciation to our big kids for all they do in partnering with us in foster care.  I was excited to see how God was going to take it past just a night of appreciation, but he would make it an opportunity to adore an amazingly personal God. 
Though I was one of many in a stadium of concertgoers, God spoke to me.

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