Friday, March 16, 2012

The Madness Continues

The brackets are completed and broken.
Weather teases my senses and vacillates between sunshine and drizzle, shorts and sweaters.
Hearings, evaluations, and visitations lead toward a trial.
I struggle between a clean, organized house and a comfortable, lived-in home.
We are planning a few home improvement projects neither of which will be convenient.
Garage sale season begins soon which means that I have work to do to plan my kids’ clothes.
We are watching God lead us to open our home for yet another child. 
That, of course, means changing some bedrooms, repainting, acquiring another set of bunk beds, and finding a bigger kitchen table.
My Sweetie and I will be taking Angel to soccer tryouts at Cedarville University.  That is just surreal. 
Thank you, Lord, for nap time and coffee, breaks of sunshine and cool breezes. 

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