Monday, February 6, 2012


Peace and quiet in a family of nine means that it is the middle of the night, or everyone is sick.  That said, I dream of quiet afternoons with a book, seek stolen moments with a cup of coffee, and long for that far-off vacation in a far-away place with my sweetie and peaceful ocean waves (sans boogie boards, pails and shovels, and multiple beach bags loaded for the day.)
Seasons come and go as right as rain.  You can count on them.  I welcome this season and am blessed beyond measure.  Each day reminds me that God is gracious and patient, loving and merciful.  Seasonal rains, though, may turn into downpours.  Peaceful breezes quickly become gusts that can blow you off your feet.  Life calms eventually, but can turn things tipsy-turvy in the process. 
As fall breezes turn unsuspectingly to bitter winter temperatures and occasional life halting snow, spring sneaks in and can be seen in the buds on barren trees and green pushing itself through the cracked ground.  Life will change in a blink of an eye.  One day my babies are babbling and the next day they are arguing with me in middle school only to turn around to kiss me good-bye on their way to college. 
Being a more mature mom (think older mom), I have the blessing to see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and know that it is not a locomotive heading my way, but rather a change in the season.  Yet, I can easily get stuck in the mud of winter turning to spring.  I wish for the warmer weather less encumbered with coats and hats and forget the blessing of snuggles and coziness of the winter chill.  I look forward to a quiet place to think and work.  I long for more energy to put my house in order.  However, this season is noisy with learning, loving, living kids.  Lots of them.  My energy is spent teaching, discipling, practically and purposely parenting those kids.  Too soon, I will have more than enough time and energy to redecorate, to plan dinner parties, and to do lunch with my friends. 
God is present in this season of my life.  He is working.  I know that.  It may feel like a long winter, but spring is coming.  Thank you, God, for life’s changes.  Thank you, God, for never changing.   

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