Monday, January 9, 2012

Mixed Up

My emotions look like a pot of stew: all good stuff but all mixed up. The babies’ hearing determined a trial date for the beginning of May – good. The court granted the mom additional visitation time – not so good. These little ones will have been with us almost two years by the time that the trial occurs – not so good. They will be in our home for sure until the trial – very good.

We knew in our heads that these little ones may be with us only temporarily, but our hearts swelled with love, pushing aside the potential pain and heartbreak, to delight in the now. Delight may be a strong word as two and three year olds bring their own set of frustrations and wildly crazy days. They push every button both literally and figuratively. Yet they have captured our family for good.

Today, I am mixed up. Tomorrow may be the same. I am so thankful that my heavenly Father designed all these emotions and cares about my today and my tomorrow.

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