Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Needed Break

Take a breath. Yes, that is what I needed. Life roars like a lion at times, noisily drowning out the day's sweetness. Our family keeps busy beyond the crazy limits, and we needed to step back for a few days. So, we loaded up the minivan and headed north to relax at the lake. Mind you, seven kids at the house keep us hopping (my aunt, grandfather, and cousin with her two children are here as well). Somehow, hearing the lapping of the lake and the hum of the motor boats, feeling the breezes through the pines, and smelling the mountain air, calm the craziness at least for a bit.

As I write this, my sweetie is enjoying watching the ladies World Cup soccer, my toddler is napping, my infant is playing, my cousin's kids are resting, my little man and princess are crafting with their aunt, spaghetti sauce is simmering in the crock pot, and I get to write. Yeah!

When we arrived on Sunday, the sun shone and didn't hide for two days. Today, the temperature cooled a bit, the clouds rolled in over the lake, and it drizzled a bit. Nevertheless, the kids managed to get in the water before lunch, enjoy the boats, and ride bikes. My arms will feel it tomorrow as I joined the kids for a walk down to frog pond pushing a double stroller up and down the hills of Echo Bay.

Now about frog pond, what a cool side trip! We identified the jumping, croaking creatures as frogs, not toads (internet is a wonderful thing). We located both adult frogs and tadpoles. We saw what happens in a frog to make it sound like a banjo. We even found a turtle. I love it when we can learn something new up close and personal. I thought we might take a trip to Fort Ticonderoga, but I think we will probably lay low here at the house. It is good not to have to go anywhere.

We are missing Angel. She is training for her summer camp position this week. I look forward to seeing her again at the end of the week. We are waiting to hear if another baby will be joining us. So far, no news. That is OK for today.

I thank God for down time. I am not ready to rejoin reality.

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Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy reading posts from lake cottages/houses when I'm not part of it. How dare you? Of course, you know how much I love spending time on lakes...any lakes! I am jealous. Very jealous! Some guy in Cleveland.