Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Hearts

I love music. It moves me. At times though, it moves me to insanity. My little ones sing, hum, whatever, ALL DAY, or so it seems. Where do you draw the line? Being home, they enjoy flexibility, but there comes a time when you just have to be quiet, right? Oh, the challenge! Mind you, their voices are sweet and the words honoring. However, others are trying to work in our home, like me.

This morning a revelation hit me like a blast of cold air (of course, it may have been merely the frigid temps in my parents' house). We have the privilege of seeing my parents daily due to our school schedule. My mom sits on her comfy chair in one corner with her paper and interacts with my kids throughout the morning. My father sits in his recliner in the other corner with his laptop open or with a pencil and puzzle in his hand. The kicker is – he is often humming or singing. My kids get it honestly. I guess I never realized it before for some reason. Music is inbred in my kids' hearts. They dance, they sing, they move. My dad doesn't dance and neither do I, but we have both been known to direct the music and sway to the music, even when we are driving.

The other day, we took a walk with the babies. My little one pedaled ahead on her bike. We rounded the corner and strolled down the other side of the block. An older couple was enjoying the evening on their front porch. They asked me if the little girl ahead of us was mine. Of course, I acknowledged. Well, they thought she was just so precious as she sang the entire way down the street. Goodness, she never stops. You know, though, her heart is obvious. She loves life and she loves her Jesus.

God is definitely continuing to teach me through my children. There is definitely time for silence, but more often than not, there is a time for happy hearts to sing. God teach me how to love my kids' music in a fresh way.

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