Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Curiosity Journal

I look forward to Wednesday nights sitting alone in the bookstore. I enjoy my family immensely, but having time to put words to thoughts calms me. My day spun in crazy circles today and required a lot of driving. At this precious moment, no one needs my immediate attention. A quiet table, a venti Earl Grey, and my laptop set me up for a few moments of time to regroup.

I am reading -

Uncle Tom's Cabin is next on the list of reading for my Angel. Honestly, I have never read it before. I look forward to diving into it and teaching it with a Biblical worldview. As I have only just begun, I do not have an opinion as of yet. My son just began Shiloh for his lit. I have read a few chapters in that as well. It sounds similar to other stories that I have read it the past year, but I think he will enjoy it. I hope to finish his year with The Borrowers.

For myself, I finished The Missional Mom, but more on that later.

I am playing –

There has not been too much time for playing this week. I hope to do some fun things this weekend in preparation for Easter. I could give many excuses for not taking the time to play, but they would be just that, excuses.

I am learning –

My Princess did an awesome job on her power point presentation for the non-fiction element of her Treasure Island lit unit. I do not give her enough credit and affirmation for the way her creativity pours into her work. I learned that there is much to learn about ships and their crew.

I learned this week that my Angel leads her junior class in fund raising. God is good is bringing many into our lives that have helped us in that endeavor.

I learned that my baby knows how to climb onto chairs and out of car seats. She has a few things to learn herself.

I am reacting –

Now, let us get back to The Missional Mom. If you read my previous post, you will know that this book has made its mark on my heart. Its words still rumble in my head. I understand that missional is a trendy word today, but its meaning is found deep in history. I try to be careful of riding the latest wave, but this wave sucked me in. Looking back over my years of motherhood that stretch over seventeen years, I see that God has been forming my heart. At times, it hurt because He had to break it first. I read this book with many "Aha" moments. The author put words to what I am living. Finding only books that agree with me can be dangerous. However, this book not only gives modern examples and positive encouragement, but also presents the supporting truth of God's Word plainly. As I work out my mission, I will mess up. I will derail. I will want to give up. Those will be normal human reactions. I need God to superimpose his mission onto my heart and erase anything that will hinder and hurt.

What has caught your heart lately that has challenged your thinking?

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