Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The ABCs of my Seven-Year-Old Little One

Abundant energy keeps us all on our toes wondering what she will think of next

Beautiful, brown eyes shine brightly

Creative hands work wonders with a crayon and paper

Desires to do right

Enjoys watching TV and movies

Finds friends most anywhere she goes

Gives great hugs and kisses

Hums while she works

Imagination runs wild

Just learned how to ride her two-wheeler without needing help getting on and off her bike

Knows God's Word well

Listens to Odyssey every night before she goes to sleep

Makes her own grilled cheese sandwich

Never likes Daddy to leave for work without her giving him a kiss goodbye or at least a wave from the door

Opened her heart to Jesus when she was only four

People of all ages love to spend time with her

Quick at learning most anything

Reads chapter books with gusto and expression

Spoke sentences well from a young age and hasn't stopped since

Time stands still in her own little world

Understands far more than I give her credit for

Violin is what she would like to play after she learns the piano

Whimsical, wiry, and wonderful addition to my life

eXcited about her gardening birthday party on Saturday with her friends

Yearns for the day when she doesn't need to sit in a car seat anymore

Zoom! I can't believe she is seven already. I am blessed to be her mom.

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Bryan said...

I thought E would be eating - she loves to eat.