Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Curiosity Journal

I am reading . . .

The Moonstone – still. The jury is still our as to whether it is worth my time to finish. I need to find some other books that thrill me. Any suggestions?

I am playing . . .

Yesterday, Angel had softball practice for only an hour. That is not enough time to make going home worthwhile. So . . . I loaded the boys in the van with me and we headed out to the adjoining field and playground. We ran, kicked the ball, ran, slid down slides, ran, looked at the creek, and ran some more. You get the idea. It was nice to see the boys playing with something that doesn't have to be plugged in.

We pulled down the Thomas trains this week. They were a big hit. After we finish dinner and clean up, the boxes come out and the floor dramatically turns into a train town.

I am learning . . .

My faith is much better placed on my Savior than on my inept abilities to run things myself. God preciously kept me awake the night before my baby's ear surgery this week so that He could talk to me. I needed to talk to Him. I looked forward to the time I would spend waiting with the birth mom the next day in the surgical center's waiting room. We have talked in the past, and I was hoping to continue. God sweetly reminded me that things will not change because of my grandiose plans, but rather because of my being available to speak when He tells me to. She is still listening. I am still learning.

I am learning my husband has dreams too. I am blessed to walk with him to follow the dreams and calling on our lives.

I am reacting . . .

So, the new Rob Bell book came out this week, Love Wins. I admit that I approached his writing with a bit of prejudice and predisposition. Having heard him speak briefly in his previous video series, I had developed an opinion that was not in sync with many others. He had many good things to say, but the line was becoming quite fuzzy. The line is no longer fuzzy. I have only read 50 pages, so I cannot claim to have read the entire book. I plan to pick it up again at the bookstore. However, what I have read is disturbing me. He has redefined heaven, hell, salvation, and Jesus. He spent the first chapter questioning Christianity and attacking what we know to be true. Bell has trouble handling the truth of God's justice and is making up his own form of Christianity. I grasped a sense of his elevating humanity and limiting deity. A social gospel is obvious in his writings. That is not to say that loving others, taking care of the poor, and being responsible with our resources are not important. It is saying that these things do not make heaven on earth. They are not salvation. It is not to say that God does not love us incredibly and sacrificially. It is saying that God's love and justice demands a sacrifice for sin that is offered to all. God's love doesn't send us to hell. A choice to disregard his offer of grace is what sends people to hell. I am concerned that Bell's following will not choose to use discernment and match Bell's words to Scripture and see what holds true.

I welcome your responses to Bell's book. I don't intend to pick fights over semantics. I intend to fight for truth.

So that is a glimpse of my week. What are you reading, playing, learning, and reacting to? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Jodi said...

Hmmm..Interesting. I have not read Rob Bell's book, but I have listened to him occasionally on podcast via Mars Hill. I have enjoyed his sermons, but don't always agree with everything I listen to anyway, that's just me. I just hope that he is not misleading people, as he does reach many with his sermons, and now this book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Sandy.