Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Profound and Amazing

Not that these two words describe my writing, for they don't. Yet, God has chosen to carve these humbling adjectives onto my heart this year. I am not quite sure how this will all be worked out, but as I close my mouth and listen, open my eyes and watch, crawl, walk, then run to my sovereign God, He will faithfully teach me and pour profound and amazing things into my life that will ultimately glorify Himself.

Mommyhood in and of itself amazes me. Yet, not all mommies know how to be mommies. I have been blessed with a godly mom who loved me and showed me how to mother. I am unsure to what extent I am to expand my mothering. This year may be the year that we add more children to our family, or it may be that I have to send two babies back to their mother.

In the meantime, how does God want me to impact this mom with God's truth for her life? God pierced my heart with the reminded that I cannot sit idly by and allow another opportunity to pass. In this arena of child welfare, there are many hurting children and parents. I cannot help all, but this family I can. It is hard to ask God to do a profound work in this mom's heart, for that may very well mean that these children will be returned to her. Yet, that is where God is going to amaze me.

I asked God this summer to wow me. I am sure that he just chuckled at my request. He has a profound plan for my life and He enjoys wowing me.

God blessed me with an amazing husband who has a profound love for his God, for me, and for our family. I want God to teach me how to love my husband more profoundly. We work together well, but I need to learn, even after twenty years, how better to love my husband. I cannot take our amazing marriage for granted.

We watched Passion2011 as a family via internet this past weekend. I listened to my little man sing his heart out and my angel take notes. We sat for close to three hours listening to worship in both song and preaching. Can I just say – that is amazing. Our hearts were stirred profoundly.

My roles as wife and mother prompted the majority of these thoughts. Those roles were uniquely created by my God and serve to fulfill his purpose for me. I want to be profoundly impacted as well as make a profound impact. I know though, that will never happen by my own efforts or feel good intentions. God will do some amazing things when I am amazed at him and profoundly in love with him.

God help me not to let this be another passing January post. I am trusting God that come next January, I will post of HIs amazingly profound work in my life and in the lives around me.

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