Saturday, December 25, 2010


Mary birthed Jesus in a humble stable surrounded by animals, alone, with the exception of her betrothed, Joseph. No mid-wife helped her. No doctor offered any pain relief. No mother assisted in this precious yet scary time for this first-time mom. This was no ordinary birth, she knew. Her son would save the world. Yet, despite those promises, she had to deal with the earthly pain alone. Mary did not plan this. God did. The angel messenger knew her heart and encouraged her not to be afraid. How was she going to explain this?

I honestly enjoyed the births of my four children (epidurals are wonderful). My husband was right by my side holding my hand joining me in the celebration of another child. Our families waited with baited breath to hear of the newest little one to join our home. It seemed an easy transition. Being a mom seemed natural. However, our children were in our plans, and I was not a young, unmarried girl.

We have two little ones living with us for a while. Their mother is alone. No one appears to be available to her except when life reached dangerous limits. They lived in humble accommodations. This momma needs to have some divine intervention to show her that despite what life looks like, God has a plan. Mary had made right choices, and God used her in an unexpected and amazing way. God still works in amazing ways.

The Christmas story pricked my heart in new ways this year. The little baby's name was Jesus because he would save his people from their sins. Those were not just the sins of others whose choices have left their lives broken. They were my sins as well.

Mary was blessed to be a mom to the savior of the world. God chose to bless me with four children to raise. I have the privilege of mothering two additional children whose mother is learning how to be a mom.

Thankfully, none of us women needs to feel alone. Though our world can be scary for our family, God will never leave us. We don't need to be afraid. I pray that this mother that has come into my life will see her savior and accept His help in her life.

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